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2 week update

I believe it's officially 2 weeks since starting a hair care regimen. I'm learning a lot a long the way. Few updates:

#1: My Mega-Tek use is being cut down DRAMATICALLY as of now. My hair never sheds, even in its driest, worse state. Since using MT, I see shedding everywhere --- on my hair bottles, all over the sink, in the comb, in the shower, etc. Yes, I'm seeing growth, but what's the point if my hair is just going to shed. I've been mixing garlic powder with MT and oil since day 1, but it's not seeming to help. I'm cutting back to using it once a week (the night before I shampoo, so I can rinse it off in the morning) and only on my edges.

#2: SHRINKAGE IS KILLING ME! With every passing week of post-relaxer, my hair looks as if its getting shorter and shorter. This shouldn't bother me, because I know that the new growth is curling and making it look that way, but it's a little frustrating when I look in the mirror and see shorter hair than yesterday. *sigh*

#3: My hair is almost fully restored from the "protein overload" incident last week. Yay! I put protein on my hair for the first time since last week (a few sprays of my Motions leave-in) and its seeming to do fine. I'm just going to spray a little more each day and see how it goes.

#4 I really need to upload pics soon but I'm so busy and my camera is a headache. The batteries die so quick, and blah blah blah. I'm hoping to get a new camera soon, so we'll see.

#5 HALFWIG SUCCESS! Everyone loves my hair. In my first post, I mentioned I bought some $5/pack human hair track, and a wig cap to make my own half-wig. I have a half-wig but the hair is down my back and I wanted something a little closer to my real length. I glued the hair onto the cap Friday, played with/clipped it on Saturday and Sunday, and curled it this morning before class and... bam, I was looking good for 6 weeks-post! The hair looks layered, it's so nice. Pics coming (one day!) This is my new protective style for now.

#6: I want to try Bantu Knots! Saw some videos on youtube and want to try it out. Maybe next week?

#7: My new relaxer goal/date is Nov 19th (10 weeks-post). If my hair is looking REALLY rough, i'll get a relaxer. If not, I'll try to wait until Dec. 16 (14-weeks). My friend found someone who does Dominican blow outs in our home town so I might get that Nov 19th instead of the relaxer if I feel my hair (or my anxiousness) can wait.



Protein Recovery!

My hair seems to be back in good shape. That same day, I pre-pooed overnight and then co-washed the next day. It was still somewhat hard in the shower but a lot better than the day before. Because my hair wasn't 100%, I decided to wear the half-wig again yesterday. BUSY BUSY BUSY... I didn't even moisturize yesterday and didn't get in until this morning. My hair was dry. I applied MegaTek to my scalp (currently applying 3x week) and then moisturized and sealed.... my hair is currently wrapped up and a little damp from the moisturizer so we'll see what it's looking like when I go out later today (Homecoming weekend @ my college! yay)

I'm noticing some shedding that I'm guessing is from the MegaTek. I would say the protein overload, but it wasn't shedding that day. I am noticing some good new growth where I'm applying Mega Tek! Because of the shedding, I think I'm going to try applying it only the nights I pre-poo, so 2x week and than of course rinse it off the next morning. **Crosses fingers**

Happy weekend!

Protein Overload Disaster

Since I didn't co-wash the other day like I was supposed to, I decided to today. I Prepooed w/ Isoplus overnight, got up and co-washed this morning. I was really wanting to clarify and deep condition my hair as well. I could've used Suave Clarfying shampoo or Aphogee 2 minute Reconstructer. I decided to go with Aphogee; the label said it has protein in it as well.

I washed out the Reconstructor after 5 min, and then co-washed with VO5 conditioner. I noticed my hair was a little hard, considering that I had pre-pooed.

I shrugged it off and grabbed my deep conditioner. I noticed on the label that it had protein. I was scared I would overload, but at the same time really wanted to deep condition (even though I DCed last week after my shampoo). So I applied the DC with my 7-oils and blow dryed. My hair felt so soft...until....

I washed that mess out! Knots and tangles in the shower and my hair seemed dry. I again shrugged it off and went to apply leave ins that's when I noticed my hair was REALLY hard and just brittle. I went to try and rinse the DC out more... no use, still had hard hair!

So know I know... don't Aphogee 2MR w/ my DC!!!! My DC, Leave-ins and Shampoo all have protein. And I used Mega-Tek every other day.

Thank God for my half-wig cause I'd be looking a mess today... and my hair was so nice yesterday! :( What a setback, cause I noticed more shedding when I rinsed out too. :( :(

Oh well, life goes on... I'm prepooing right now under my half-wig (nobody knows but me... shhh lol) and I have an exam and a 2-hr shift at work tomorrow, so I'll probably add more conditioner tonight and just rinse out tomorrow and try to solve this mess.

Regimen Shake-Up

I am absolutely loving my hair right now. It's so soft! I never would've imagined that at almost 6-weeks post-relaxer my hair would be feeling and looking like this. My mom came up this weekend and complimented my hair (very rare for her). This must be working.

I got my Mega-Tek in yesterday! So exciting. I was mad when I realized I only got the 2 oz jar, but at least this way I can try it out. I mixed it with my 7-oils and garlic powder (the girls on different forums says the garlic powder keeps from shedding). It smells like medicine and seems to me really potent. I could feel it "warming" on my scalp when I first put it on and later it was itching a bit. I don't like smelling like garlic! I only plan on using Mega-Tek 3 days a week, probably the days before I shampoo/co-wash.

I was driving around the other day, and saw the County Feed & Supply store and stopped to see if they had Mega-Tek. They do! The bigger jar is $25.95, which is cheaper than the online price (and also no shipping). So if all goes well with my 2 oz jar, I'll be upgrading to this bottle.

I've changed products, and I now think I'm showing early symptoms of PJ --- product junkie-ism. I've been using as my moisturizer, and then sealing with . The Shea Butter Plus is basically water and all oils. So using that and then sealing with MORE oil caused the oils to really build up my hair. Gross, greasy residue (but still soft hair) was the result.

So, this weekend I went looking for another moisturizer. I looked around, sniffed this, tried that... and then I saw I'd heard a lot about this moisturizer, but wanted to find "my own" moisturizer. lol I put some lotion on my hands and wow... I'd never seen a "gel" type moisturizer. It looked so cool! lol I tried it on my hair, and it looked pretty good. But when I realized it was only $3.99 for this big container... I was sold. lol

Now I moisturize with W.N. and seal with the Shea Butter Plus. There's been no nasty residue on my hair! Yay! I use as a leave-in conditioner for my dry scalp and new-growth (dilute it 1/2-1/2 with water, and a few squirts of oil).

I was supposed to co-wash and deep-condition yesterday, but I had family over. And honestly, my hair is so soft right now, I'm not sure if it needs it. Oh, more good news. I found a bonnet dryer attachment marked down at Sally's for $2.99! It says it was the original bonnet dryer and had a girl from the 90s on it painting her fingernails... so I'm a little scared. lol

Wish me luck as I continue to push back my relaxer date. I'm now hoping to at least wait 7 weeks (next Friday). We'll see...!

(((Pictures coming Friday)))


My hair is currently above my hairline in the back. The bottom 1/2 inch is shaved.


JANUARY 2009 -
Neckline-length hair (I think I just made up a new acronym for those w/ shorter hair! NLL, lol) My Mega Tek should be in soon and if I continue taking great care of my hair, this is highly obtainable.

MAY2009 -
Shoulder Length Hair
In time for my college graduation! SLH would be about a 3-4 inch gain for me. Wish me luck! I want my hair to be swaying with each step I take across that stage! lol

Soft hair... me?

Okay, black hair advocates. You've made a believer out of me! My hair has never been this soft to the touch. I mentioned I'm 5 weeks post, and was tempted to relax my hair today after some of the new growth was getting ridiculous. Now, I think I might be able to stretch 2 MORE WEEKS!

I pre-pooed last night with my Isoplus Orange conditioner (which I love) but I'm running out of it so why not? I also added my 7-oil mix (bought it from Sally's a while back). I put on a shower cap, tied it down with a scarf, went to sleep.

Woke up this morning, shampooed with Motion's Shampoo, conditioned with VO8, and deep conditioned. DC took me forever... okay, not really. Like 20-30 minutes, but I had to rush since I had classes later today. I wet a hand towel, microwaved it for 2 minutes and put it over my DC-ed hair. The towel cooled off really soon so I'm not sure that's an effective way to apply heat. I guess I'll use my blow dryer on warm setting until I can afford a hooded.

I rinsed out, and felt the softness immediately! My hair was actually soft after shampooing! It was great. I have to work REALLY HARD usually to get soft hair, and it usually ends up oily and greasy!

I used my Leave Ins & moisturizing, clipped my ends (thank the Lord...way overdue!) and combed my hair back to clip it!

Was off to class! With SOFT hair.

Oh happy day.

Gaela's Hair Journey

Hey, I'm Gaela and I want longer hair! I got a short cut 2 years ago (1 inch all over, shaved in back) and my hair has never seemed to grow past my nape since then.

Wash hair with Dove Shampoo once a week.
Condition with Isoplus Orange conditioner.
Leave in Conditioner: VO8 or John Frieda products
Light moisturize every few days (Motions or Pink Lotion).
Use natural 7-Oil usually after wash.
Flat iron once a week, after wash.
Blow dry, rarely. 3 - 4 times a year (natural air dry)
Relaxer every 5 weeks (My hair is course and resists perms. I have serious new growth 3 weeks after a relaxer and couldn't possibly imagine waiting an extra week)

So, as you can see, I did some things right, some things not so good. After my friend directed me to on Monday, I've been trying to adapt some of my ways. Actually, all of them. I've spent about $40 on products and hopefully that'll be it! lol I'm a college student, so money is tight right now.

Pair of Cutting Shears ($6)
Assorted Head Bands ($3)
African's Best Organics Shea Butter PLUS moisturizer ($4)
Fantasia IC Deep Conditioner w/ Aloe ($8)
MegaTek 2oz Rebuilder ($13)
Wig Cap & Weave to make my own wig when I'm w/o a perm ($6)
VO5 Conditioner ($1...yes!)

Aveda Rosemary Mint conditioner(found under the sink! has many good oils in it, works great for co-wash/diluted leave ins)
Motions Leave in Conditioner
Motions Lavish Shampoo (ditched the Dove that was drying my hair out)

A good wide tooth comb
Clarifying Shampoo
A better moisturizer than the Africa's Best (want to try Elasta QP Mango, but my Sally's doesn't have it!)

Co-wash 1x week
Pre-poo 2x week
Deep Condition 2x week
Moisturize/Oil 2x day (extremely dry hair)
Shampoo 1x week
Protein 1x month
Mega-tek 3x week (for the first week, to see if it works/doesn't shed)
Clarify 1x week
Relaxer every 6 weeks