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Changing the name of my blog


is the name of the new blog. I changed it merely for privacy issues, I don't want to get stalked!

"SA" stands for SunshineAnytime, which I've been using as a social media name for awhile now. I know this might cause some confusion since Hairlicious is operated by the lovely Sunshyne but I honestly don't have any other ideas for blog names!

Any other suggestions for me?

No more T-shirt Drying

It's funny how something that you think is going to mess you up helps you!

I deep-conditioned today with Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol, 30 minutes with heat, with oils and honey. I hopped out of the shower and towel-dried my hair and then wrapped my hair up to do the T-shirt drying method. I first heard about it on Hairlicious and I've been doing it for most of this year now.

Then, I remembered I had to go do laundry. I was obviously not going to walk around with a T-shirt on my head, lol, so on my still dampened hair, I put on my normal leave-ins: Motions Leave-In conditioner, diluted V05 conditioner and Phytoorganics Humectant conditioner and then sealed with oils. I combed to detangle, pinned my hair, and rushed out.

Three hours later my hair is still 20% wet. :( But my hair is laying down so flat and smooth, and I barely had to moisturize it. I don't know why I ever traded in this way of airdrying. I guess, it is annoying when you need to be somewhere and your hair's still wet (it only takes my hair 2 hours total to airdry with the Tshirt method).

Here's my version of the T-shirt method: Wash hair; towel dry; put T-shirt on hair; leave T-shirt on for 1 hour or until 40-50% dry; apply leave ins; pin hair up and airdry until 80% dry; moisturize and seal with daily moisturizer.

A lot huh?

Here's my old way of airdrying, the way I did it tonight: wash hair, towel dry; apply leave-ins; pin hair up until scalp is dry; apply moisturizer and seal as needed.

Way easier to do the second method. Only problem is, I can remember waking up with wet hair if I did the old method after washing. That would be a problem if I'm doing a braid out/twist out that requires a fully dry head. I guess I could just sit under the dryer for a few minutes in the morning like I do anyway.

Thought my laundry trip was going to be a waste of a D/C day. Turned out to be one of my smoothest hair days since I started the journey.

"Loosen up, it's just hair!" :)

P.S. Check out, Passion for Christ Movement. They make great shirts (see picture), videos and resources for those wanting to devote themselves to Jesus!

Paraffin Oil = Mineral Oil

The beauty companies did it again! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

One of my favorite products has mineral oil in it! Smh...

Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil Treatment
(my eyes are tearing up as I type this LOL) has paraffin oil in it. I was looking at the reviews on and the reviewers were complaining about the paraffin oil being the same as mineral oil. They said this was basically expensive hair grease.


I googled paraffin oil and sure enough ... mineral oil! I was just gonna hit up Walgreens on my way home from clinicals tomorrow to pick some up. I love the smell and I love sealing with something creamy!

Until I find a creamy, mineral-oil free oil product, guess I'll pick up Africa's Best Herbal oil (only $2 at DG, and mineral-oil free!)

How was I blinded for so long? *Sigh*

R.I.P. HBCOT. It was good while it lasted, but I'm moving on...


One Year Anniversary!

Yay! October 17th was my one year hair journey anniversary.

I've learned a lot, made some mistakes but overall seen some growth and thickness! Exactly what I wanted. I actually was hoping to have longer hair, but a beautician chopped an inch off and I've had some breakage issues. Most say healthy hair growth is 0.5 inches a month. All in all, I've gained 6 inches of thick, healthy hair, so I'm technically on track.

I'm officially SL and my hair has swang (thank you Roux Porosity)!

October 2008

October 2009

APL by May 2010
Full APL by August 2010
BSL by October 2010
Eliminate "crispy" ends
Get a corrective relaxer by a professional
Use half-wigs to hide hair from January - April
Stretch relaxers to at least 10 weeks
Apply MN mixture faithfully 1x day after 3 weeks post. Follow with 2 hr baggy.
Grow "problem area" on crown to 5 inches by March.
Comb only on wash days. Fingercomb other wise.


Thorough and daily moisturizing.
Using Roux Porosity 1x week (lots of moisture and less tangling!)
Deep conditioning once week
2x week or more co-washing
Using Motions Leave-in
THE BEST ASSET: Hiding my hair with a half-wig (wore one for 5 months straight for low manipulation!)