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September Update


I never came back and updated, but I did do a corrective relaxer 6 weeks ago, only after waiting 2 weeks after the unsuccessful relaxer. I used a really cheap box perm from Wal-Mart, which didn't help. My hair is still underprocessed really badly on the ends.


I'm 6 weeks post right now and can hopefully wait till December before my next relaxer. That would make my stretch 16 weeks long --- the longest stretch I've ever done. Pray for me :)


I found a really cute synthetic half wig for $15.99 right before classes started. I'm braiding my hair underneath the wig and trying to moisturize daily with Wave Nouveau and sealing with castor or coconut oil.


I found some Indian castor oil right down the street from me for $2.99 (8 oz)! So much better than the Wal-Mart brand of castor oil. It's thicker and has this unique smell. So I'm back to the castor oil challenge: Apply castor oil to scalp after every wash.


Starting this week, (September 12), I've been using my MN mix daily except for wash days. I love how curly it makes my new growth.


Thank you to Traycee for posting a blog about porosity. I always heard people talking about porosity but never quite understood what they were talking about. I did a porosity test Sunday and my hair failed (it sunk). I bought a trial bottle of Roux Porosity Control Conditioner from Sally's.

1. I shampooed with my diluted KeraCare dry and itchy,
2. used Apoghee 2 min reconstructor with shower cap for 2 min,
3. applied ALOT of Roux PC from root to tip,
4. Let Roux PC sit on for about a minute and rinsed,
5. Used PhytoOrganics Humectin with cap for 2 min.
6. Rinsed, t-shirt dry, leave-ins, moisturized when 80% dry.


My hair has never been this soft AND stayed soft. And after I moisturized and sealed, I could actually feel the oil sitting on my hair (sealing) just like it's supposed to do. I always wondered why we "seal" with oil, because it never really sealed for me, my hair just absorbed it. My hair was still crunchy in some places, but this morning, after the moisturizer had dried, it was so soft and actually felt like hair ... if that makes sense! lol

I've been reading the hair boards, and it looks like a lot of people use Roux PC as a final rinse after a shampoo and after a DC. Some used it weekly for a month before they noticed total correction.

I think this post on LHCF will be my inspiration.

Re: Roux Porosity Control Cond. a staple???
It took me about a Month using it Faithfully Each Week after Each DC Treatment, before I felt I had sufficiently dealt with my Overly Porous Hair. I've been using it now for about 6 months weekly and it has totally transformed My Dry, Brittle, Chemically Shocked, Overly Porous Hair.

Cowashes = Thickness!

I started nursing school a few weeks ago! *Yay!*

My schedule has been hectic and I'm just now adjusting to it. A hectic schedule means my hair priorities were definitely put on a hold. I've lost some length in the past few weeks :( But one thing I definitely hated was how thing my ends were becoming, it was pretty bad!

So for the last three weeks, I've light-proteining, shampooing and then deep conditioning with the normal products on Sunday. I airdry and braid, and then half wig my hair for the rest of the week. I was able to moisturize maybe twice the entire week and no co-washes at all! My hair was dry tangled and brittle by the next deep condition. And it was shedding everywhere.

I started moisturizing and sealing with castor oil but my hair was still thin. So, this week, I was able to co-wash on Wednesday night. I was amazed by how much cleaner my scalp looked, and how healthier and thicker my hair was ... with just one co-wash! My hair still shedded some but now until it dried and then it wasn't as much as before.

I flat ironed my hair today (two days after my co-wash) and my hair has still retained it's thickness.

You never know what you have until you live without it! True about many things, instead of co-washing. I used to believe co-washes weren't all that necessary for good hair growth but now I see it's definitely causing more benefit than harm (no harm, just the hassle of doing it!)

I'm still using my MN mix, but only once or twice a week and then I baggy!

Happy labor day weekend