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I'm Baaaaack!

*Whew* In the words of Usher, "it feels so good to be back" (Spotlight by Gucci feat. Usher) LOL My apologies to my subscribers (all 12 of ya'll - lol). My three month hiatus from blogging and hair care in general was due to two reasons: time and money, both of which were limited at the time. I have a little more of both at the moment which is why you're hearing from me :P

So, how's my hair doing? I'm definitely at a low right now. I ran out of my daily moisturizer back in November and until recently had been relying on 2-3 times a week co-washes and deep conditioners as moisture. Not to sound drastic, but it was either food or hair care. lol And I don't need to tell you which won.

After my relaxer, I started using heat 1x week because I wanted to show off my thick SL hair. Three months later, my hair is a little longer and A LOT thinner to show for it. Which really upsets me because I love thick hair!

Also, I stopped applying castor oil and miconazole nitrate (MN for growth) and I can definitely see the difference (worse)

What's the plan? I have some funds now (holla!) and made a mini-haul today. My mom relaxed my hair today, I made a mini-haul buy at Sally's and by the start of this week I'll be already to get on the road to Bra strap length hair! Here's the plan:

2010 PLAN:
Tuesday: 2 hour no-heat deep condition (shower cap), Co-wash
Friday: Shampoo, Deep-Condition with heat for 30 min, Light Protein

-Moisturize Daily.
-Apply castor oil to scalp on wash days when moisturizing.
-Apply MN to scalp everyday except wash days.
-Baggy for 1 hour after MN application
-Limit heat to bangs, only on wash days.
-Use half-wigs as protective styles until MAY 1 (at least).
-Braid hair under half-wigs.
-Only comb hair on wash days.
-Relax every 8 weeks.

Any suggestions, comments? How's everyone's hair journey coming along? Let's grow!