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One Year Anniversary!

Yay! October 17th was my one year hair journey anniversary.

I've learned a lot, made some mistakes but overall seen some growth and thickness! Exactly what I wanted. I actually was hoping to have longer hair, but a beautician chopped an inch off and I've had some breakage issues. Most say healthy hair growth is 0.5 inches a month. All in all, I've gained 6 inches of thick, healthy hair, so I'm technically on track.

I'm officially SL and my hair has swang (thank you Roux Porosity)!

October 2008

October 2009

APL by May 2010
Full APL by August 2010
BSL by October 2010
Eliminate "crispy" ends
Get a corrective relaxer by a professional
Use half-wigs to hide hair from January - April
Stretch relaxers to at least 10 weeks
Apply MN mixture faithfully 1x day after 3 weeks post. Follow with 2 hr baggy.
Grow "problem area" on crown to 5 inches by March.
Comb only on wash days. Fingercomb other wise.


Thorough and daily moisturizing.
Using Roux Porosity 1x week (lots of moisture and less tangling!)
Deep conditioning once week
2x week or more co-washing
Using Motions Leave-in
THE BEST ASSET: Hiding my hair with a half-wig (wore one for 5 months straight for low manipulation!)


LaQT said...

Great progress. I just did a big snip and chopped of 2 inches after a 6 month stretch. I hope to keep all 6 inches of my growth. Hopefully next year I boast that I still have all 6 inches. Very inspiring growth. Keep it up. I'll be looking out for your posts.

LaJune said...

Good Luck on your hair journey!


tallMocha said...

thanks Laqt! I love your progress and your half-wigs are so cute! HHG

@LaJune, thank u! Congrats on your 6 month anniversary. My roomie and I are big fans of you all :) God bless!