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No more T-shirt Drying

It's funny how something that you think is going to mess you up helps you!

I deep-conditioned today with Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol, 30 minutes with heat, with oils and honey. I hopped out of the shower and towel-dried my hair and then wrapped my hair up to do the T-shirt drying method. I first heard about it on Hairlicious and I've been doing it for most of this year now.

Then, I remembered I had to go do laundry. I was obviously not going to walk around with a T-shirt on my head, lol, so on my still dampened hair, I put on my normal leave-ins: Motions Leave-In conditioner, diluted V05 conditioner and Phytoorganics Humectant conditioner and then sealed with oils. I combed to detangle, pinned my hair, and rushed out.

Three hours later my hair is still 20% wet. :( But my hair is laying down so flat and smooth, and I barely had to moisturize it. I don't know why I ever traded in this way of airdrying. I guess, it is annoying when you need to be somewhere and your hair's still wet (it only takes my hair 2 hours total to airdry with the Tshirt method).

Here's my version of the T-shirt method: Wash hair; towel dry; put T-shirt on hair; leave T-shirt on for 1 hour or until 40-50% dry; apply leave ins; pin hair up and airdry until 80% dry; moisturize and seal with daily moisturizer.

A lot huh?

Here's my old way of airdrying, the way I did it tonight: wash hair, towel dry; apply leave-ins; pin hair up until scalp is dry; apply moisturizer and seal as needed.

Way easier to do the second method. Only problem is, I can remember waking up with wet hair if I did the old method after washing. That would be a problem if I'm doing a braid out/twist out that requires a fully dry head. I guess I could just sit under the dryer for a few minutes in the morning like I do anyway.

Thought my laundry trip was going to be a waste of a D/C day. Turned out to be one of my smoothest hair days since I started the journey.

"Loosen up, it's just hair!" :)

P.S. Check out, Passion for Christ Movement. They make great shirts (see picture), videos and resources for those wanting to devote themselves to Jesus!


♥Nikki Ms.Healthy KISSES♥ said...

Luv ur Blog! Will be following. Great layout too.

Nativa said...

I recently started air drying my hair by putting some moisturizer, combing out my hair, putting it in one and then tying my head.

It really takes long for my hair to dry that way. Now if I roller set, for sure by the next morning, my hair is all nice and dry.

Explain this T-shirt drying, never heard about it.