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Paraffin Oil = Mineral Oil

The beauty companies did it again! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

One of my favorite products has mineral oil in it! Smh...

Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil Treatment
(my eyes are tearing up as I type this LOL) has paraffin oil in it. I was looking at the reviews on and the reviewers were complaining about the paraffin oil being the same as mineral oil. They said this was basically expensive hair grease.


I googled paraffin oil and sure enough ... mineral oil! I was just gonna hit up Walgreens on my way home from clinicals tomorrow to pick some up. I love the smell and I love sealing with something creamy!

Until I find a creamy, mineral-oil free oil product, guess I'll pick up Africa's Best Herbal oil (only $2 at DG, and mineral-oil free!)

How was I blinded for so long? *Sigh*

R.I.P. HBCOT. It was good while it lasted, but I'm moving on...



LaQT said...

I'm not real big on ingredients, I care more about results. So tell me this, was the HBCO giving you great results. If so, why give it up? You didn't care about the ingredients while you were using it, so if it's working I wouldn't let it go. When I first started my hhj, I was no to this and you can't buy that until I noticed that alot of my "hairoes" used products that weren't faves for many and still got great results. I noticed that everybody's hair reacts different to products. My hair is not picky, but I am. Some products with mineral oil, my hair is okay with and others it isn't. Go for what works for you.

tallMocha said...

That's true, I liked it and the smell was great. It seemed to weigh to my hair down sometimes though and left a residue. Definitely something to consider, thanks laqt...