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2 week update

I believe it's officially 2 weeks since starting a hair care regimen. I'm learning a lot a long the way. Few updates:

#1: My Mega-Tek use is being cut down DRAMATICALLY as of now. My hair never sheds, even in its driest, worse state. Since using MT, I see shedding everywhere --- on my hair bottles, all over the sink, in the comb, in the shower, etc. Yes, I'm seeing growth, but what's the point if my hair is just going to shed. I've been mixing garlic powder with MT and oil since day 1, but it's not seeming to help. I'm cutting back to using it once a week (the night before I shampoo, so I can rinse it off in the morning) and only on my edges.

#2: SHRINKAGE IS KILLING ME! With every passing week of post-relaxer, my hair looks as if its getting shorter and shorter. This shouldn't bother me, because I know that the new growth is curling and making it look that way, but it's a little frustrating when I look in the mirror and see shorter hair than yesterday. *sigh*

#3: My hair is almost fully restored from the "protein overload" incident last week. Yay! I put protein on my hair for the first time since last week (a few sprays of my Motions leave-in) and its seeming to do fine. I'm just going to spray a little more each day and see how it goes.

#4 I really need to upload pics soon but I'm so busy and my camera is a headache. The batteries die so quick, and blah blah blah. I'm hoping to get a new camera soon, so we'll see.

#5 HALFWIG SUCCESS! Everyone loves my hair. In my first post, I mentioned I bought some $5/pack human hair track, and a wig cap to make my own half-wig. I have a half-wig but the hair is down my back and I wanted something a little closer to my real length. I glued the hair onto the cap Friday, played with/clipped it on Saturday and Sunday, and curled it this morning before class and... bam, I was looking good for 6 weeks-post! The hair looks layered, it's so nice. Pics coming (one day!) This is my new protective style for now.

#6: I want to try Bantu Knots! Saw some videos on youtube and want to try it out. Maybe next week?

#7: My new relaxer goal/date is Nov 19th (10 weeks-post). If my hair is looking REALLY rough, i'll get a relaxer. If not, I'll try to wait until Dec. 16 (14-weeks). My friend found someone who does Dominican blow outs in our home town so I might get that Nov 19th instead of the relaxer if I feel my hair (or my anxiousness) can wait.