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Nov. 5. 2008!!!!!

Yo, we have a black president? Who would've thunk it? I'm happy that my grandparents get to see a black president, but I'm not jumping on Obama's bandwagon just yet... congrats to him and his fam!

On the hair tip, I'm a few days away from 8 weeks post. 4 weeks ago, I was tempted to perm my hair, which would've resulted in some overprocessing galore. My hair's looking okay, still rocking the half wig. I braid the hair that doesn't need to be "out", and put the half wig over the braids. I find the braids help retain moisture and keeps my hands out of my hair.

I wanted to rock a braid out with my short hair this morning but it wasn't lookiing right, so I threw on the half wig.

Last night, I tried something new. After my 2x weekly MegaTek application ONLY on the areas that need it (edges in front and back, few spots on crown of head), it was time to moisturize. I mixed about even amounts of my Wave Nouveau moisturizer & Shea Butter plus. I squirted in a bit of my 7-oil and mixed this with an applicator brush. I used the brush to apply the mix to my scalp and hair between my braids (about 10 of them). I then moisturized my hair (the actual braid) and the front where my hair was left out at. I sprayed my Aveda Rosemary-Mint conditioner (diluted) onto my scalp and hair, applied some more 7-oil and massaged my scalp, wrapped and went to bed.

This morning my hair was so soft and shiny! It looked and felt so great. I'm going to try to do this "deluxe" moisturizing after every wash. My new growth has been defeated! lol It's laying down so good.

DOMINICAN BLOW-OUT: Nov. 26 (11 weeks-post)
SELF-PERM: Dec. 11 (13 weeks-post)

I might get weak and get a Blow out and Perm before thanksgiving, let's hope I hold out!!!

I'm going out of town this weekend to see Joyce Meyer, Kirk Franklin, Christian rapper Da Truth, I'm so excited :) I want to try bantu knots tonight after I co-wash, but I think the long half-wig would better suit the weekend! We'll see.

Laters and Blessings,