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It's been a minute since I've updated. Some changes:

-Protein Overload last week! I prepooed with Loreal Nature Therapy. It looks something like this:

This was actually a light protein conditioner compared what happened when I used fantasia conditioner. But I noticed in the shower, my hair was hard, so I followed with Suave clarifying shampoo and VO5 conditioner. This helped a lot but I still noticed some tangles.


Bought some Aloe Vera gel and I mix it with Wave Nouveau to Moisturize. It made my hair a little hard when I first started using it, but it's not bad now. Really helps to lay down my edges and softens my hair.

I'm going to relax this weekend because I have a ceremony to attend on Saturday, and Thanksgiving day is next week also.

So glad I'm on my way to healthier, longer hair!


Sunshyne said...

I think this conditioner has similar ingredients to the Silk Elements Moisturizing Treatment, if i'm not mistaken. I wonder why it made your hair hard?!?

tallMocha said...

i think the Silk Elements conditioner has protein. I think I remember reading something on the label about silk proteins?!? Can't remember!

I'll just stick to what I know from now on :)