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Listening to My Hair....

I've been "listening" to my hair recently ... and it seems like I got good ears! lol

I had to flat iron my hair 2x this week... once for my friend's birthday dinner and the second for my senior pictures.

I "deep conditioned" before flat-ironing the first time. Actually, I just used Aphogee 2-minute reconstructor and left it on for about 20 minutes and rinsed. Then conditioned with VO5 peaches & milk conditioner.

I noticed a lot of build up on my scalp, but continued on to my leave-ins. Let the hair dry a little, and used the heat protectant.

Yesterday, I needed to flat iron for the pictures. But I noticed my hair was looking kind of dull and weak. So the night before I used my clarifying shampoo (no i didn't pre-poo, but PP's aren't seeming to do anything for me). I pooed 2x, then still felt that "weakness" in my hair. I decided to try the IC Fantasia protein deep conditioner... the one I used for my very first DC that made my hair extremely hard. I was a little scared because I didn't want hard hair. So I used a little less than normal, and concentrated on my ends. I put a cap on for about 5-10 minutes and rinsed. HEAVEN! My hair felt so strong and soft. I co-washed and got out of the shower. Leave-in's and wrapped.

So now I know that particular DC is good when my hair is "weak" or has been flat ironed a lot.

I have a question. My scalp is STILL having a lot of build up, even after the clarifying poo. It doesn't itch or anything but it's really flaky. Any tips on how to poo to get them out? Or products... or anything??????????