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Co-Wash, Cayenne, Garlic, Hair Hater, Monistat?

Bored... tired of studying! Ah... when will it end? Oh, Friday.

Anyway, finally co-washed today. The last time was Saturday. I wanted to try the cayenne pepper mix because in all honesty I did notice some thickness where I used it at. I thought hair there would NEVER grow or change because I use to scratch the mess out of it in my high school days. The hair was literally half an inch long on the crown of my hair (a big patch of it in that area, actually). Now, it's mostly about an inch long (still a few really short parts) and the hair is way thicker...

Anyway, I was reading on LHCF about coffee adding circulation the hair? LOL... I won't knock it till I try it, but I'm not wasting my Folger's on chance. And the circulation talk got me thinking about the cayenne pepper that I had bought and only used once.

Cayenne Pepper mix:
5 parts CP
1 part coconut oil

Then I just mix it up and try to have a paste consistency (really really thick). I apply it to my nape, the crown, and my front hairline. I spritzed my Aveda Rosemary Conditioner (diluted w/ Water) and did a quick scalp massage, baggied, and studied.

I also made a garlic powder paste and applied it to my ends (yes, I was walking around smelling like a steak restaurant!) But when I used GP last time to stop the mega-tek shedding, I loved the way it left my hair feeling. I've noticed a little more shedding this week than usual (probably because I failed to moisturize last week). I applied my Isoplus orange oil conditioner and baggied. Left it on for about 2 hours.

Washed out the pre-poo, co-washed with VO5 peaches and milk. Spritzed leave-in, oiled a little, wrapped, studied. :)

I'll have to research it, but that GP really makes my hair thicker, softer and instantly stops the shedding. I found a few hairs in my shower comb, but they all had "white bulbs" which I read somewhere is a good thing.


My mama is my #1 hair hater! She's just a skeptic in general but has always made sure to assure me my hair is horrible and just will never grow. Well, a few days ago she came up to visit. I had my half-wig on, but took it off when we got inside my apartment, and had my hair in 2 pig tails LOL. I had been moisturizing and sealing with the coconut oil this week, so my hair was fresh! She noticed that it HAD gotten longer (she said I was imagining things when I told her T-giving wkkd that my hair had grown). And she noticed it was softer and looked way healthier. I'm still trying to get her to believe that Traycee's hair is real... but that's a whole 'nother issue.


So... I wanna try monistat! I've been reading about it on LHCF and since it's supposedly only $1 some places... why not? Those girls were saying there hair grew like crazy. And I am determined to have my full bob by May 3 2009 [graduation!!] They said some of the side effects were shedding (oh no... another mega tek?) and headaches (eww!). A few ladies talked about the embarrassment of buying the cream... but uh, I don't care! As long as the cashier's female LOL Idk, though, cause some guys probably don't know what it is... Anywho, I'll probably pick some up Friday... AFTER WORK... AFTER MY LAST UNDERGRADUATE EXAMS!!!!!! yay Take some before pics and be on the lookout for shedding...


Frederick said...

Hello Tallmocha! With coconut oil on your side, it's mighty tough for anyone to not approve your hair.

Long before it was discovered to possess incredible antimicrobial properties capable of killing even the HIV virus (AIDS), coconut oil was already busy giving countless communities strong and healthy hair and skin as well.

Just my two cents.

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