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All Big Lots are not created equal. New Pics

So, yesterday, after my LAST UNDERGRADUATE EXAM (yay!), I ran off to Big Lots hoping to find some new leave-ins and the Micanozole.

I got to Big Lots, with a big grin on my face, and went straight for the hair aisles. I walked to the basic one and than started wandering around for the mega-aisle that had all the great conditioners like the one back home.

Didn't have it! I was so disappointed!

Ah, well, I'm going back home tomorrow, so I'll stop by then.

I did manage to get some Anti-fungal for $1.50 (the main ingredient in Monistat), but it's actually called Tolnaftate. I googled it and saw that it actually had a pending patent for hair-growing agents.

Side effects? I noticed somewhat of a headache while applying the cream (think how your hair feels when you just get it braided) but it wasn't major i.e. didn't require a Tylenol. I also noticed that this tube of antifungal is only 1% when most of the ladies had been using 2% or 4%. Also, the itching that I had experienced since my last perm has gone away. Anti-fungals are purposed to relieve anti-itching and burning.

I don't know why so many people find it weird to put it on their scalp. It's prescribed to go on other topical areas (your little lady down there and your feet and skin!). Your scalp is skin! I do feel like I'm "cheating" on this healthy hair journey. But I want SL hair by May... and, dang-it I'm going to get there! I'd like to find some MN with no mineral oil or petrolatum though!!

I'm uploading all of my pics (finally @

Also, here's how I want to use the Antifungal:

-Every day directly to scalp. Until I see bad side-effects (shedding, headaches).
-Leave-in conditioner, applied directly to scalp/new growth:
1 parts Aveda Rosemary Mint conditioner
1 parts Water
2 parts Aloe Vera Gel
2 parts Antifungal

Shake and spray!!!