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Protein Overload Disaster

Since I didn't co-wash the other day like I was supposed to, I decided to today. I Prepooed w/ Isoplus overnight, got up and co-washed this morning. I was really wanting to clarify and deep condition my hair as well. I could've used Suave Clarfying shampoo or Aphogee 2 minute Reconstructer. I decided to go with Aphogee; the label said it has protein in it as well.

I washed out the Reconstructor after 5 min, and then co-washed with VO5 conditioner. I noticed my hair was a little hard, considering that I had pre-pooed.

I shrugged it off and grabbed my deep conditioner. I noticed on the label that it had protein. I was scared I would overload, but at the same time really wanted to deep condition (even though I DCed last week after my shampoo). So I applied the DC with my 7-oils and blow dryed. My hair felt so soft...until....

I washed that mess out! Knots and tangles in the shower and my hair seemed dry. I again shrugged it off and went to apply leave ins that's when I noticed my hair was REALLY hard and just brittle. I went to try and rinse the DC out more... no use, still had hard hair!

So know I know... don't Aphogee 2MR w/ my DC!!!! My DC, Leave-ins and Shampoo all have protein. And I used Mega-Tek every other day.

Thank God for my half-wig cause I'd be looking a mess today... and my hair was so nice yesterday! :( What a setback, cause I noticed more shedding when I rinsed out too. :( :(

Oh well, life goes on... I'm prepooing right now under my half-wig (nobody knows but me... shhh lol) and I have an exam and a 2-hr shift at work tomorrow, so I'll probably add more conditioner tonight and just rinse out tomorrow and try to solve this mess.


APL said...

Hey Gaela,

I'm soo late with this comment, but that was some serious protein overload!

I did a 10+ hour prepoo with Irish Moss and covered it with a shower cap, scarf and wig. Not a good thing when IM goes putrid on your scalp. It lost it's ability to moisturize.

cain said...

i was just wondering how long it took to get over the protein over load , im actually in the same situation i did apoghee 2 step to stop breakage,now my hair is in the worst condition ever,just washed and lost over 200 hairs to breakage, i feel im going to go bald soon and im so stressed and crying which is probably not helping ,is your hair ok can you recommend any thing for me id greatly appreciate it thanks