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Regimen Shake-Up

I am absolutely loving my hair right now. It's so soft! I never would've imagined that at almost 6-weeks post-relaxer my hair would be feeling and looking like this. My mom came up this weekend and complimented my hair (very rare for her). This must be working.

I got my Mega-Tek in yesterday! So exciting. I was mad when I realized I only got the 2 oz jar, but at least this way I can try it out. I mixed it with my 7-oils and garlic powder (the girls on different forums says the garlic powder keeps from shedding). It smells like medicine and seems to me really potent. I could feel it "warming" on my scalp when I first put it on and later it was itching a bit. I don't like smelling like garlic! I only plan on using Mega-Tek 3 days a week, probably the days before I shampoo/co-wash.

I was driving around the other day, and saw the County Feed & Supply store and stopped to see if they had Mega-Tek. They do! The bigger jar is $25.95, which is cheaper than the online price (and also no shipping). So if all goes well with my 2 oz jar, I'll be upgrading to this bottle.

I've changed products, and I now think I'm showing early symptoms of PJ --- product junkie-ism. I've been using as my moisturizer, and then sealing with . The Shea Butter Plus is basically water and all oils. So using that and then sealing with MORE oil caused the oils to really build up my hair. Gross, greasy residue (but still soft hair) was the result.

So, this weekend I went looking for another moisturizer. I looked around, sniffed this, tried that... and then I saw I'd heard a lot about this moisturizer, but wanted to find "my own" moisturizer. lol I put some lotion on my hands and wow... I'd never seen a "gel" type moisturizer. It looked so cool! lol I tried it on my hair, and it looked pretty good. But when I realized it was only $3.99 for this big container... I was sold. lol

Now I moisturize with W.N. and seal with the Shea Butter Plus. There's been no nasty residue on my hair! Yay! I use as a leave-in conditioner for my dry scalp and new-growth (dilute it 1/2-1/2 with water, and a few squirts of oil).

I was supposed to co-wash and deep-condition yesterday, but I had family over. And honestly, my hair is so soft right now, I'm not sure if it needs it. Oh, more good news. I found a bonnet dryer attachment marked down at Sally's for $2.99! It says it was the original bonnet dryer and had a girl from the 90s on it painting her fingernails... so I'm a little scared. lol

Wish me luck as I continue to push back my relaxer date. I'm now hoping to at least wait 7 weeks (next Friday). We'll see...!

(((Pictures coming Friday)))