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Protein Recovery!

My hair seems to be back in good shape. That same day, I pre-pooed overnight and then co-washed the next day. It was still somewhat hard in the shower but a lot better than the day before. Because my hair wasn't 100%, I decided to wear the half-wig again yesterday. BUSY BUSY BUSY... I didn't even moisturize yesterday and didn't get in until this morning. My hair was dry. I applied MegaTek to my scalp (currently applying 3x week) and then moisturized and sealed.... my hair is currently wrapped up and a little damp from the moisturizer so we'll see what it's looking like when I go out later today (Homecoming weekend @ my college! yay)

I'm noticing some shedding that I'm guessing is from the MegaTek. I would say the protein overload, but it wasn't shedding that day. I am noticing some good new growth where I'm applying Mega Tek! Because of the shedding, I think I'm going to try applying it only the nights I pre-poo, so 2x week and than of course rinse it off the next morning. **Crosses fingers**

Happy weekend!