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Tweak the regimen

I've been doing the "basics" for the last week and enjoying it!

I tried something new on Tuesday. I prepooed with V05 and coconut oil. Then I co-washed with Silken Child conditioner (it's usually the other way around). And went on with the regular routine.

Usually, my hair is somewhat dry, even right after a wash. But my hair is so soft and retaining moisture so much better! I'm contributing it to the Silken Child's co-wash. So I'm going to change my regimen slightly and see how it works.

Also, I have to give a shout out to the Kera Care shampoo. My hair hasn't been "clean" in so long. Even after a shampoo, my scalp would be flaky, my strands greasy, and my hair just wouldn't absorb products... even after using Suave clarifying shampoo AND regular shampoo. I'm going to try to incorporate high-quality products into my regimen as my budget allows. There really is a difference. I had been using Mizani Lavishing Shampoo for the past two years. Side note: I did read somewhere online that shampoo's should be switched regularly, so maybe it was past time to switch poo's.

Shampoo 1x Fridays
Cowash 1x Tuesdays
DC 1x Fridays
Prepoo 2x Tues., Fri.

+Moisturize and seal daily.
+Leave-in after every wash.
+Castor oil on scalp after every wash.
+Protein as needed.

Shampoo -Kera Care Dry and Itchy Shampoo *NEW*
Cowash -Silken Child Conditioner
DC -VO5 Conditioner, Aloe Vera Gel, Honey, Coconut/Castor/EVOO, Salt
-or Fantasia Protein DC
Moisture -Africa's Best Kid's Organic Conditioner with EVOO *NEW*
Leave-In -Motion's Leave-In
Seal -Hollywood's Castor Oil Treatment or EVOO