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Back to the Basics...

Hey World,

It's been a minute. I've been reading through my past posts and I noticed something.

About two months into my hair journey (December 2008), I started jumping on so many bandwagons. Trying new products, new techniques, etc.

I had experienced some good growth during that time and got greedy. I wanted more!

Now, it's May. I have some good news. I REACHED SHOULDER LENGTH BY MY MAY 2009 GOAL!


Now, bad news. My stylist chopped an inch off ("You have damaged ends."). It was the day before my graduation and my usual stylist had mis-scheduled me for the week before so I had to find somebody... QUICK! The only place was JCPenney's. I spent a ridiculous amount of money on the relaxer and trim... but, hey, I wanted to look cute for my graduation and it was last minute!

So, now I'm about a half inch about my shoulders... and I'm going back to the basics. No bandwagons, no extra products and techniques.


Shoulder Length - by June 21, 2009 ( a month from today).
APL - January 2010

Shampoo 1x Fridays
Cowash 1x Tuesdays
DC 1x Fridays
Prepoo 2x Tues., Fri.

+Moisturize and seal daily.
+Leave-in after every wash.
+Castor oil on scalp after every wash.
+Protein as needed.

Shampoo -Kera Care Dry and Itchy Shampoo *NEW*
Cowash -VO5 Passion fruit smoothie Conditioner
DC -Silken Child Conditioner, Aloe Vera Gel, Honey, Coconut/Castor/EVOO, Salt
-or Fantasia Protein DC
Moisture -Africa's Best Kid's Organic Conditioner with EVOO *NEW*
Leave-In -Motion's Leave-In
Seal -Hollywood's Castor Oil Treatment or EVOO

No challenges, no MN, no special drying techniques!

Keeping it simple for real!

Picture of me "hurting" my friend at my graduation party. That's me on the left.


APL said...

Cute pic! Have you noticed any growth since your last relaxer and cut?