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Silk scarfs and Unrefined coconut oil!

Silk scarfs.

I've been trying to get one since for ever. Even a few years back, before I even know about KISS and hair journey's, I had a feeling the scarf's from the local beauty stores weren't the real deal. Of course, the package says "100% silk" but those scarves have always seemed to dry my hair out. And the fact that anytime I saw 100% silk at the department stores they always cost alot more than the $2.99 price at the BSS.

So, I just moved to a big city in Florida, and they have so many thrift stores! They're everywhere *I'm in a college student's fashion heaven* I sifted through the junk and found some cute tops and an incense holder (my roomie bought me some incense).

On the way home, I remembered that I should've looked for some silk! A girl on site said to look for 100% silk at Wal-mart in the fabric section, etc. Well, I've tried that before with no luck and I thought I might as well hit up the thrift store.

I went straight to the men's aisle because I figured men's dress shirts are made out of silk more than women's. No luck. All I found was a silk-cotton blend and a bunch of polyester fakes!

I strolled over to the tie section and... silk heaven! Lots of 100% silk ties. Maybe they would make good headbands but I need a full scarf!

After about 15 more minutes of looking through the lingerie and kid's section, I was about to give up and head home. I decided I'd try one more aisle. Old women's jump suits and business suit. DING DING DING! Silk jackpot! lol I found 2 women's jumpsuits that looked like they were straight from the 90s.

It was originally $5.50, but because it was Saturday, the price was cut in half... $2.75. The guy who checked me out was crackin' up when I brought that bright blue mess up to the counter. I explained the situation and he said I should try to sell the scarves... lol Here's the pics:


I have so many essential things like bills that I need to be spending my money on, but I couldn't resist. I've been trying to use up a 16 oz jar of Spectrum's refined coconut oil that I've been using for over 6 months (16 oz goes a long way). Today, I went to the Indian store (saw Parachute coconut oil but didn't know if it was refined or not), natural foods store (overpriced products & BAD customer service=NO business from me!), and finally the Vitamin Shoppe.

The VS's price was $8.99 for a 15 oz of unrefined. So, I got it! LOVES IT! I opened the bottle as soon as I got home lol It smelled sooooo good! A big difference from the refined oil. I prepooed for two hours with VO5 co, rosemary mint, honey, aloe vera gel, and coconut oil. I co-washed with silken child conditioner, applied leave-ins, sealed with coconut oil, and then wrapped with my pretty new scarf!

I took off my scarf after about an hour of air drying just to check on my hair and it looks so smooth! We'll know the final verdict tomorrow!



Amy V. said...

I've unknowingly been using refined coconut oil til i was informed on KISS and am now going to buy the unrefined kind. I think Spectrum is unrefined? I'll go look... I didn't know that the refined doesn't have the great tropical coconutty smell & have been wondering all along why mine has this weird smell LOL! thanks for the post! Love your blog ;-)

Nativa said...

I enjoyed your post because I was in a simpliar situation. I recently got myself a silk scarf and really like how I look in it. In my profile picture I am wearing my scarf.

I was previously using my good old cotton head tie until I got my first silk scarf from Trinidad.

I recently started using coconut oil alot. I cook with it and I use it as a deep conditioner.

All the best to you!

tallMocha said...

just seeing the comments :)

Amy V, have u tried the unrefined by now? hope u have, thanks for checking out my blog!

Nativa, ooooh I want a Trinidadian scarf!! hope it's helping your hair growth, blessings to u too!