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Update 4/5/10

Today I'm 3 weeks post. My hairdresser and I noticed the length of my hair was underelaxed and we decided that I would get a corrective relaxer the next time I came in. Well, I've decided to save my money and do it myself. And I can't wait another 5 weeks - the length of my hair is a mess! The underprocessed areas get so dry and they started breaking off last week so I'm losing a lot of my length.

So, here's the plan. I'm going to condition/moisturize the life out of my hair, using my updated regimen (scroll below) and baggying overnight as needed. I bought a 4 lb tub of Silk Elements relaxer today at Sally's for $10.99! That's a great deal (enough for at least 4 relaxers). From what I got from the woman at Sally's and online, I can store the tub for months at a time in a cool, dark place or the refrigerator. This should definitely last through the summer.

In a week, after my hair, is moisturized and pretty stable, I'll do the corrective relaxer. I plan to apply the relaxer as normal on my new growth. And then run extra relaxer through the length of underrelaxed hair and let it sit for at least 5 minutes. I've tried corrective relaxers at home but I always get scared and only the extra relaxer sit for a minute or so lol I am prepared for some breakage - it will be so worth it to have ends that are smooth and relaxed instead of frizzy and hard to manage.

I ordered Outre Super Natural First Lady human hair weaving. I've been reading the reviews for this hair for a few days now and finally got it. Total price was $23. According to the reviewers, you only need one pack of hair and it is great quality. I'm going to either sew it in or make a wig like I normally do. I would really like to sew it in so that it's low maintenance but I don't think I could go weeks without washing my hair!! We'll see.

Shampoo/Protein Treatment 1x week
Cowash 2x week
Moisturizing Pre-Poo/DC 2x week

+Moisturize and seal daily.
+Leave-in after every wash.
+Baggy with NTM and SulfurMN mix daily for 2 hours.

Shampoo - Paul Mitchell Shampoo
Cowash -Silken Child Conditioner or V05 Moisture Milks
DC - Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner
Moisture - Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion
Leave-In -Motion's Leave-In or Aphogee's
Detangler - Mane and Tail
Seal - Castor Oil, Olive Oil or Coconut Oil

Roux Porosity - Once a week after a DC