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Clairfy your hair!!

I've been in a funk as far as my hair goes lately. I got a relaxer 4 weeks ago. The beautician realized afterwards that my ends were underprocessed. I should have told her before but my old beautician always picks up on things like that. (One of the pains of moving to a new city - you have to find a new hairdresser!)

Well, the relaxer came out good. But my ends are severely underprocessed and they get dry really easily. They've been breaking off a little. :( Then my processed hair just wasn't responding well to anything I did. I questioned my products first. I know VO5 Moisture Milks conditioner usually turns my hair into silk but it wasn't doing that lately so I was considering throwing it out.

Then I had the grand idea to clarify my hair. I used to do it monthly until I started to have this deep hate for shampoo's last summer. LOL I just hated stripped hair. Anyway, I left my clarifying shampoo by the wayside but still loaded my hairs with oils and products - see the problem?

Well, last night during my weekly shampoo and DC, I shampooed with Suave Clarifying Shampoo, co-washed with VO5, DC'ed with Organics conditioner, and followed with Roux porosity control.

Detangled, applied my leave-ins, sealed with coconut oil, wrapped and went to bed. This morning my hair was COMPLETELY DRY (thanks to the Roux), and soft. I didn't even feel I needed to moisturize. But I still did moisturize with Wave Nouveau and sealed with castor oil.

Results: My hair has lots of swing, is shiny and looks clean!!

Don't forget to clarify regularly!


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