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Holiday Update #3 - Kiya Fizzie, MN, DCs

Final Update from the break...


Man oh man... I have a lot of updates. This break from school has allowed me to have a lot of free time that I don't normally have … so I've been experimenting different things.

I've been braiding my hair (as usual) and wearing the half-wig. I moisturized 2x a day (for the most part... lol).

I read about the “Kiya Fizzie” on some of the boards and decided to try it. I got confused though. I thought the chick Kiya was mixing citric acid, baking soda and salt together. I used vinegar as my citric, we had baking powder (not soda) and added some salt. I mixed this with Lustrasilk's Tea Tree Cholesterol conditioner, honey, coconut oil and DC with a cap for about 3 hours.

I used an applicator brush to apply the mix. I usually apply the DC directly to my new growth first with the brush and then use my hands to put the DC on my ends. I noticed that as soon as I put this mix on my new growth, my ENDS were soft and laying down... it was so weird. I thought this was the sign of a wonderful mix....

NOT! My hair was soft in the shower but there was just something weird about my hair. I conditioned with my lovely Vo5 Moisture Milks “Passion fruit smoothie” and followed with leave-ins and coconut oil. After my soft hair dried, it was a hot mess. Hard, rough, crunchy, thin and stripped. It was like this for 3 days until I DC and co-washed again. No matter how many times I moisturized, baggied, etc... my hair would instantly return to this dry, rough state. It felt like my hair had holes in it... just rough. I have to say that the mix did straighten my hair out a bit. No “after-relaxer” results but definitely something for my new growth, since I was 5 weeks post-relaxer. Still wasn't worth the rough hair.

I re-braided my hair and just tried not to deal with it too much until my next co-wash. (Maybe I should try letting the mix stay on my hair for 5 min. compared to 3 hours).

My next DC and co-wash was so nice. I mixed honey, a tablespoon of table salt (the real Kiya Fizzie), aloe vera gel, a little of the Ego Trip Invigorate Conditioner, coconut oil, and the Tea Tree Cholesterol. With the salt in the mix, the conditioner was really creamy. Let that sit on my hair for 2 or 3 hours. My mom has the Silk Therapy Moisturizing Conditioner. I've heard rave reviews about it so I wanted to co-wash with it. I looked at the ingredients list before I used it and wasn't impressed. I decided to give it a try anyway. NO SIR! It didn't do anything for my hair, actually made it a little drier than the DC. It's not “bad” but I just wouldn't spend any amount of money buying such a blah conditioner (and I've seen it at Sally's for $5-6). I followed up with my Vo5 Moisture Milks (that cost me $1) and … ah!!! Soft, lovely hair. The salt definitely straightened my hair a bit and might be the reason for my soft hair... I'll need a few more DC's to prove it!!

3 words. Refined coconut oil. :( I've been using this oil for a few months now and it's been pretty good to me. But I was reading around online and saw that unrefined oils are best because they retain the vitamins and nutrients. Ah well... I'm about ½ way finished with this jar of oil anyway.

My next relaxer date is set for January 15th (a few days shy of 8 weeks).

In review,
No vinegar/baking powder mixes.
Salt is benefiting in my DC's.
Unrefined oils, not refined.
No Silk Moisturizing Therapy Co.