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Holiday Update #2 - MN

One of my unposted updates from the holiday break.


MN Update

I found some generic MN at Wally World since I've been home. $4 for 45 g. It goes really fast though. I've been applying it 2x a day and I'm already almost finished with the tube. I've decreased the applications to 1x a day and only where my hair is struggling to grow. How much fungus could possibly be on your hair, anyway, where you would need to apply 2x a day?

I want to do some research on hair. There's some word for hair fungus – dermatitis or something like that. I want to see what treatments they use to make the hair grow. Somebody made an interesting point on one of the boards: MN is specifically made to be used on the fungus in your vagina... is that fungus going to be on your hair? But from what I've seen already, the same antifungal is used for different areas on the body (just go check out the antifungals at Wal-Mart... you'll see what I'm talking about).

I've experienced NO side effects whatsoever --- headaches, shedding, dry scalp, etc --- except for new growth! LOL It's DEFINITELY made my nape grow. The rest of my head is inconsistent; I have very little growth on my front hair line, but the middle/crown area of my head (where I need it the most) is definitely seeing some growth. I have almost 2 inches of new growth on my crown. I find it easy to apply to wet hair.

The new growth is coming in so pretty, too. Curly and soft. I'm tempted to transition to natural hair. So many people have had something negative to say about my hair. I remember telling my friends a year ago that I wanted to go natural and they crushed those thoughts... quickly LOL “Some people can't do natural, Gaela.” LOL It was said in love... but still. Now that I'm learning to manage my new growth and it's soft and moisturized... natural hair is an option. I could always perm and flat iron... we'll see though.

MN has also made my hair REALLY thick. Where I live, “good hair” is defined as straight, long, and somewhat thin hair. Once people see my textured, short, thick hair, I'm immediately told about it. “Girl, your hair is so thick.” But, in this week that I've been using MN, my hair is 2x as thick, if not 3 times. I flat-ironed my hair on Christmas day, and my mom noticed how thick it was. When I braid my hair under the half-wig, it's pretty thin. But these braids I have in now are so wide and thick. So, I guess MN is like mega-tek.. thicker hair more than longer hair.

So, in review:

No side-effects from MN.
New growth but not consistent for my whole head.
Should only apply 1x a day.
Apply preferably to wet hair.
Thick hair, fast.