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Texlax and Growth Aide Mix

Hi lovely ladies. How's the growing?

Well, I have to admit. I've become so tired of bone straight relaxed hair. Today would have made me 8 weeks post relaxer and I was really dreading calling my beautician and scheduling an appointment. Seeing her with that rat-tooth comb in her hand, plunging through my hair made me cringe. I also hate how lifeless my hair seems to be after relaxing.

I had always heard about texlaxing but wasn't too sure what it was. So I looked on the hair boards and google and decided texlaxing was what I wanted to do. I've honestly probably been texlaxing my entire hair journey because my hair rarely got bone straight after self-relaxing. Texlaxing is basically leaving the relaxer on for less time than usual or diluting it with oils/conditioners. I diluted my Silk Elements relaxer with A LOT of castor oil (I was scared of overprocessing). I used at least 3 tablespoons and added as I went along.

I got the results I was looking for. My new growth is not bone straight, but kind of wavy, soft and smooth. I LOVE natural hair but when my new growth comes in it is course as I don't know what and I could never see myself transitioning to natural. Texlax is like the middle option between relaxed and natural. Your hair isn't bone straight but it isn't tight like natural hair. You still have some texture to your hair, so braidouts and twist outs are good choices.

Texlaxing is a good option for me because a lot of my ends are underprocessed anyway, even though my beautician supposedly did a corrective relaxer 8 weeks ago. A lot of girls transition from relaxed to texlax and have issues because their ends are straight and their new growth is texlax. I don't have that issue thanks to 2 years of accidentally underprocessing my hair.

I've decided to adopt the same regimen I had a year ago, using my Sulfur-MN growth aide, baggying and 1x a week protein. My hair is really soft and manageable and I'm loving my twist out results. I'm going to try to stretch to 10 weeks (the next texlax application).